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We are among a select few home health agencies nationally that provide telehealth services. The telehealth program utilizes technology coupled with clinical disease-management protocols aimed to better manage the condition/ disease of the patient at his/ her home. Adding to in-person services provided by our professionals at patients’ homes, the telehealth system allows health monitoring and management seven days a week.

Home telehealth services refer to the use of remote devices to allow the patient to communicate and/or provide medical information to a health professional via interactive telecommunication methods. Remote monitoring provides one or more objective physiologic data such as vital signs, weight, pulseoximetry, blood pressure, temperature, blood sugar levels, etc. It also provides subjective data for disease management education assessment, symptom assessment and knowledge assessment from the patient to a distant location using a capturing device and telecommunication links. Telehealth services also include features like EKG, and peak- flow measurements as well.

When used as part of a coordinated, comprehensive care program, home telehealth has demonstrated quality improvement, allows the individual the dignity of remaining in their own place of residence for a longer time, improves client safety, and provides superior care.

Following an excellent tradition of caring, our clinicians use advanced technology to:

  • Add service beyond just face-to-face visits
  • Assess and clinically manage patients seven days a week
  • Recognize subtle changes in conditions and intervene early
  • Facilitate self-management and lifestyle changes
  • Improve patient safety at their homes

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